My Film Work

Naser Khader election film

Election film for Naser Khader. Shot on Christiansborg before danish elections in spring of 2019.

Contour Design Roller Mouse online campaign

Online and exhibition campaign movie for the Contour Design Roller Mouse. Shot in Copenhagen summer 2018.

Nature Impact

Green roof on Bygningsstyrelsen new building, a DGNB certified construction, on Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen. 2200 m2 – roof was laid out in one day.

CIS Copenhagen

Film for the Copenhagen International School official opening of the campus on March 7th. 2017.


Customer reference story about. Rejsekort is an electronic ticketing system for travelling by bus, train and metro. Produced together with Drone Rune and Litemotions.

Holbæk Teater

Brian Kristensen talks about being confident and being him self and also about being a boss at Holbæk Theater.

Kärcher MIC 42

A day on set shooting 360 degrees video inside the Kärcher MIC 42. Fiming for a tradeshow virtual tour.

Coffee Collective

Coffee Collective in Copenhagen. Awesome coffe in Copenhagen. I love it. Check them out next time you are in town. 

Nordgrus 2018

En hyldest til de store klassikere – NORDGRUS, 23. SEPT. 2018 – 185 km i alt, 85 km på grusveje.

Kärcher MC 130

Københavns Kommune and Kärchers MC 130 turns Copenhagen into a nice place again after Distortion 2017.


Awesome startup helping tourists and locals getting rid of their luggage when visiting the city!

Jucos by A

Anne is a cool entrepreneur and makes lovely leather totes and some cool accessories.

Kärcher HD 8/23 G

Flexible cold water cleaner with internal combustion engine for those locations where power is not available.

Kärcher MIC 34C

Presentation of Kärchers MIC 34C Black Edition for a marketing campaign and for use on websites and social media.

PLH Arkitekter

Drug Consumption Center. A safer environment for drug addicts in the largest drug consumption center in The North.

Danske Veteranhjem

Behind the facade. A series of three short films/interviews with danish war veterans.


As a part of my pro bono work, I did a coulple of films for the Childrens Cancer Foundation in Copenhagen.

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