Live streaming for companies, schools and authorities/govermental institutions.

We will live stream your event…

Live streaming your conference, meeting, training, worship or presentation. It expands your audience nationally or globally, and confirms your committment to the environment by reducing travel.

And of course, you’ll reduce the risk of transmission of illness or disease such as coronavirus.

We are stream on Facebook, youtube or Vimeo. Your account should be ready to stream from before we start.

Why live streaming?

Interaction & engagement

One of the main reasons why livestreaming is so important to businesses is because of the level of interaction and engagement. You get direct interaction with viewers. Relevant questions can be asked that can be answered immediately. No other platform or marketing strategy allows such a level of interaction.

Dedicated audience

Those who choose to follow your live streaming are dedicated and a positive audience. They choose to dedicate time to your content and are therefore more receptive to arguments. This audience is also positively tuned and will often invite others to watch as you transmit.

it’s still trending

Live streaming is still a relatively new medium and way of communicating with customers. Of course, there are companies that have put it to use, but there is still plenty of room for more. It also provides traction and reach to your Facebook page, with Facebook favoring live content.

Cost of live streaming?


You should also have a Youtube or Facebook channel ready for streaming. We can help make one if you don’t have one already. This must be done before the day of streaming

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