Samyang 12mm F2 for Sony APS-C cameras

Perfect for street and shots from the hip

Samyang’s compact new 12mm F2 for Sony’s APS-C is quite nice. It has a new finish compared to the old lenses, which are primarily in metal. The little new one has a nice rubber surface and which makes it nice to handle. The 12mm on an APS-C corresponds to 18mm on a full-frame camera and is therefore quite wide. I was allowed to play with it a few weeks before it was released today from Samyang. Below you will find some pictures from the neighborhood and below them a little more technical stuff about the lens.

This is how it looks…

Bella Vista by Arne Jacobsen, Klampenborg, Denmark
Arne Jacobsen lifeguard tower, Bellevue, Klampenborg
Arne Jacobsen lifeguard tower, Bellevue, Klampenborg

Samyangs 12mm F2

Samyang MF 12mm F2.0, one of Samyang’s bestsellers, but now with Autofocus!

The new prime lens is the world’s first Autofocus 12 mm lens compatible with the E-mount. The only option for APS-C users who want ultra-wide angle with autofocus.

It fits perfectly with the compact APS-C camera in combination with a gimbal, as it is very compact and lightweight.

3. It has a new modern design that meets the needs of photographers, such as a matte finish and ergonomically designed grip with a micro-pattern that maximizes usability. A weather seal function and a protective glass at the back prevent dust, light rain, and snow from penetrating.

A bright F2 aperture guarantees faster shutter speeds in low light, for example, astrophotography or night shots. 5 special elements (1H-ASP, 1 ASP, and 3 ED) in the lens deliver unique resolution right into the corners, minimizing optical aberration. You can read more about Samyang 12mm F2 here

Filmplus Samyang 12mm f2 10

Perfect for astrophotography

Although Samyang’s little new is the perfect mate for astrophotography, it’s not something I’ve thrown myself into. It’s not really my “thing”, but those who have done it get some delicious pictures out of it.

See my co-Samyang Creator colleague Fabian Pfeifhofer from Vienna has done a couple of delicious shots with the 12mm. See more about him here on Instagram.

Arne Jacobsen livreddertårn, Bellevue, Klampenborg
Arne Jacobsen livreddertårn, Bellevue, Klampenborg

Launch film

For the launch, Samyang has made a film about the small compact and bright new lens. Watch it here:

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