Terms and conditions of business

Still images and video production should be seen as a finished product with the terms and conditions we have agreed upon together. The rights (copyright) to the material are owned by Filmplus. The customer has the right to use the finished product. Third parties have no right of use. Raw material can be purchased. Find out more about

All productions include two proofing rounds and one final review, unless otherwise agreed. Any corrections must be submitted no later than 5 working days after delivery.

Additional corrections beyond the proofing round and the final review are invoiced at DKK 1050 per hour or part thereof.

The price is exclusive of transportation, unless otherwise stated in the quote. Special requests and additions to the production must be communicated no later than 48 hours before recording.

The customer owns the right to use the final result and may distribute it without restriction.

The customer is not allowed to make changes to the final result delivered by Filmplus, either by himself or through third parties, unless the customer has purchased the rights to the material from Filmplus. A violation of the above point will result in a penalty of DKK 5,000 per violation.

Infringement means distribution of an edited/altered version of the final result on a medium. Thus, if distribution occurs on multiple media, distribution on each media is considered an infringement.

The customer is not allowed to sell or transfer the final result to a third party unless the customer has purchased the rights from Filmplus.

A violation of the above point will result in a penalty of DKK 10,000 per violation.

Infringement means the distribution by a third party of a similar/edited/modified version of the final result on a medium. Thus, if distribution occurs on multiple media, each distribution is considered a separate infringement per media.

Filmplus also has the right to use the final result for marketing purposes (by Filmplus is understood).

Cancellation of assignments
Cancellation of agreements is possible up to 14 working days before execution. Cancellations up to 8 working days before execution will be charged 50% of the total price excluding VAT. transportation. Cancellations less than 8 working days before execution will be charged 100% of the total price excluding VAT. transportation. Postponement is taken if necessary, but with a minimum of 8 days’ notice.

If the recording is not canceled, but instead postponed, a postponement fee equal to 20% of the assignment price will be added. All expenses that may be associated with the postponement are covered by the customer.

Payment terms
Net 8 days for existing business customers. 50% prepaid for new customers. 100% prepaid for residential customers. For prices above DKK 20,000 and longer productions, 50% of the assignment price is payable before the job starts. New customers pay 100% prepaid at the start of the contract. In the case of video production where the production time exceeds 3 weeks, payment is made for shooting days after the end of shooting and for editing/cutting when the job is completed and delivered.

Payment must be made no later than 8 days after delivery, unless otherwise expressly agreed between the parties.

If payment is not made on time, default interest is calculated in accordance with section 5 of the Interest Act on the outstanding debt from the due date.

Storage of raw material and finished product

Filmplus stores the raw material for a minimum of 30 days from the date of delivery of the final result. After this, Filmplus reserves the right to delete the material unless the customer has opted for extended backup.

Within 30 days of final delivery, the customer can purchase 1 year extended backup (Online + Offline) for DKK 3,500 excl. per 500GB of data or part thereof.

The customer guarantees that the work that the customer has requested Filmplus to perform does not infringe the rights of third parties. At the same time, the customer declares that all material, including logos, names and music etc. that the customer wishes to use in the production belongs to the customer and does not infringe the rights of third parties.

All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Privacy policy (GDPR)

Privacy policy in relation to customers and partners of Filmplus. Valid for Filmplus, Ordruphøjvej 40, 2920 Charlottenlund.

Filmplus collects and processes personal data about customers and business partners. This is only information that has been provided by the customer themselves. No unnecessary data is collected.

Information collected
For example, name, company name, CVR no., EAN no., address, phone number, email address, bank account number, etc. General invoice information is collected via Dinero.dk and Virk.dk

Data management
Personal data is only used for contact information and for invoicing and agreements/contracts. Filmplus deals primarily with business customers.

Availability of information
The information is only available at Filmplus, which is a sole proprietorship. The information is located on the work computer, protected by passwords. All customer and partner data is not shared with anyone outside the company without consent.

Data security
Filmplus has collected business/personal data on the work computer and it is protected by passwords. Additional data for invoicing is only registered in Dineno.dk. In the event of a security breach, the Danish Data Protection Agency will be notified within 72 hours from the time of the discovery of the personal data breach. In addition, data subjects will be notified of the breach without undue delay.

Sending emails to Filmplus containing personal data is considered consent and this data is retained as long as it is relevant for the collaboration. Customers and business partners can revoke consent at any time.

Access to your own personal data
Those who have information registered with Filmplus can at any time access and gain insight into what information is registered, which is primarily the above.

Correct and/or delete your personal data
Those who have data registered with Filmplus may at any time have their data corrected, deleted or restricted. When the purpose of the registration and processing of specific data no longer exists, the data in question will be deleted by Filmplus. However, the deletion will take into account the rules and obligations of the Bookkeeping Act for the storage of accounting material and bookkeeping data.

Material in the form of images, video and audio
Filmplus produces images and video, and as a natural part of this, footage with people is stored. They work with the recordings for the duration of the project, then archive the recordings on hard drives or, in some cases, delete them altogether. This is done as long as it is relevant to Filmplus’ purpose and operations.

The people involved have given their consent to be included in the images/recordings. You also have the option to withdraw your consent under any circumstances.

Consent with e.g. models can be written and verbal, and if Filmplus is a subcontractor, the customer in question is responsible for consent with the persons involved.

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