Video production

Live streaming – photography – rental

Video production

Live streaming – photography

Filmplus creates inspirational content for social media and websites. We also help you live stream to ex. Facebook Live and Youtube. Contact us today to hear how we can help your business get noticed.


Marketing your company with a video has become the leading strategy in recent years. Do it with Filmplus. We create inspirational and engaging content and are fascinated by stories and passionate about all moving image productions.


A good portrait, engaging product photo or an architectural shot has become ever more important in a visual world. It is generally easier to understand visuals than to read entire blocks of text. So let us help you with a good photo.


Let us handle the technical stuff and live stream your conferences, meetings, presentations, distance learning, confirmations, worship services, and more… You’ll expand your audience nationally and/or globally.

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About Me

I love Simon Sinek’s quote “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it” and that’s the starting point when I work with customers and their stories.

Let me tell the world about your WHY!

80-85% of the time Filmplus is  “just” me, Claus Andersen. The last 15-20% of the time there are a number of collaborators involved in the ex. larger productions or where I can not wear all the caps myself.

Filmplus does internal communication film, commercials, profile movies, instructional movies, newsletters, and film for social media.

You are very welcome to contact me for a talk about how I can tell your story.

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