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a Storyteller & Creative Ninja

Claus Andersen, Filmplus. Hasselblad

About Me

I love Simon Sinek’s quote “People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it” and that’s the starting point when I work with customers and their stories.

Let me tell the world about your WHY!

The average consumer is guided by emotions, and therefore it’s important to speak to them on an emotional level.

90-95% of the time Filmplus is  “just” me, Claus Andersen. The last 5-10% of the time there are a number of collaborators involved in the ex. larger productions or where I can not have all the caps on my self.

Filmplus does internal communication film, commercials, profile movies, instructional movies, newsletters and film for social media.

You are very welcome to contact me for a talk about how I can tell your story.

Mobile: +45 2080 9805 
E-mail: claus@filmplus.dk

You can also reach me on social media: 

What I do

I tell stories with video and photography.
  • Videoproduction
  • Photography
  • Animation

Have an awesome project idea in mind?

What they say…

“When we book you, we know that you will deliver EVERY time and that is so cool!” Mille Emoni

Marketing Coordinator, Kärcher, Denmark.

“We are super happy with the film you made with our student Maiken, about her favorite places in the school.

Thomas Nielsen, Director of Communications & Advancement, CIS

Wanna do something new?Let me tell your story...


+45 2080 9805

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