Custom Peli Storm suitcase for Atomos Sumo from Linde+Larsen


I love suitcases and bags!

In January 2019 I had a suitcase made for my Atomos Sumo 19″ monitor/recorder at Linde+Larsen in Søborg. It’s turned out to be a really good idea. Now it’s easy to carry, including all accessories such as batteries, cables and other gizmos. I can throw it in the car without any worries. It is safe and secure in its “foam bed” and will arrive safely.

I went to Linde+Larsen and had a chat with them about a custom-made suitcase. I went for a Peli Storm case IM2720 which is waterproof, dust proof, shockproof and certified to military standards. The IM2720 has a lifetime warranty.

After selecting the IM2720 I sat down with their designer and together we designed the suitcase internals. He asked a lot of questions, measured and typed, measured and typed. On the screen, a design began to appear. There is room for 4 v-lock batteries (I use the Maxoak batteries from Amazon) at the bottom. In the middle there is a room with lid for various cables and the power supply. The case foam also accommodates SSD hard drives in the special Atomos master caddys.

When we finished, I went for coffee while the desiger was working on his CAD program and made the cutting shape for the large cutting machine. When I finished drinking the coffee, he sent the assignment to the cutting machine that’s in the room next door. The machine cuts into the foam with water which is spriged out of nozzles at a pressure of 5000 bar. It’s really crazy to see… or almost see, for it is so fine that one can only see its fine cutting line the water leaves behind.

It was pretty cool to put the Atomos Sumo and all the accessories in the corresponding slots in the suitcase. It’s definitely not the last bowl I get made at Linde+Larsen.

More about the suitcase after the pictures…


A bit about Peli Storm case IM2720

The suitcase is designed to withstand even the toughest transport and harshest environments. It is produced with a press & pull locking system and is fitted with a soft grip handle which ensures a solid locking and comfortable handling of the transport suitcase.

– Peli Storm™ press & pull locks ensure the box is firmly locked during transport
– Is fitted with automatic valve that automatically adjusts the air pressure in the suitcase.
– Soft handle for comfortable handling.

The Peli Storm series is suitable for mounting foam interior, outgoing plugs and electronics. If you have sensitive and expensive equipment to transport, you may want to choose this type of suitcase.

If you are interested in a suitcase similar to, or maybe one for some of your other gear, then grab Line+Larsen on their website here. They do everything possible out there in Søborg. Below you see a bit of it…